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Create a new 5.7K HEVC 37Mbps profile in CyberLink PowerDirector17 (64-bit)

First off all Download Notepad++ 7.6.2 Gilet Jaune Edition


Create a new H265 HEVC 37Mbps profile name it MPE6-4 5760 x 2880/30p (37 Mbps) 128kbps set the sound to 128kbps

open the Profile.ini file with Notepad++ you find the file in the dictionary:


The new Custom setting are the last one at the bottom of the file, change the With and High values and save data, and You are done

Stitched example file on Insta ONE X camera were 765 MB 107Mbps

Rendered in H265 HEVC 271 MB 37 Mbps Rendered in H264 AVC 327 MB 45 Mbps

Watch the Screen cast below



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