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Garmin VIRB 36o Raw Stitching in PTGui 11 PRO

The Garmin Virb Can Shoot 5.7K Raw images
but the VIRB Edit application cannot Stitch the circular images
It can be easily done in PTGui 11 PRO or Kolor Autopano Giga
Watch the small Screen cast on the link or image below

Note: you can download the PTGui template on the link below the image

VIRB5_7RAW.zip (download)

NOTE: it should be unzipped to or copyed to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\PTGui\Templates

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  • The template expand the file to 32 megapixel Note: you have to make a few control points and then optimize on your own images do to the individual camera lenses might differ, after that save a new template of your own tips: do not make control points on things that are mowing like clouds, people and so on


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