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Swedish law

Is this the end off Arial Panorama in Sweden ❓

What is next here in Sweden it seems to be the end off 360 Arial Panorama 😰 and 360 Arial Video ❓
You may need to apply for a distribution license
If, after all, you are going to distribute or publish material you filmed or photographed under one
flight, for example in social media, on websites or the like, you may need one
distribution permit issued by Lantmäteriet
utilization wheel / Dispersion condition /. If you accidentally spread material with sensitive
information, you risk punishment. If you violate the law on protection of geographical information can
you get a fine or imprisonment for up to a year. Keep in mind that you can not store material that is
confidential on cloud services, as the companies that own them can have access to
the content. Then it is classified as spread.


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