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360 Mc tour en Suecia

321ps 360 images shot in the autumn here on a tour on my 2019 AT DCT

( a perfect bike letting lefthand free to operate the camera trough WIFI on the iPhone )

mostly small roads avoiding the highway. note they are shoot while driving 50-90 km/h

see the tour on TomTom road trips below.

The camera used are an insta 360ONE X image size 8000×4000 multi resolution in Pano2VR6 viewer

Nota: you must have your own Google API key to be able to show the embedded map on a website.

the panoramas have direckt #node access if you take the number in the drop-down or the info button
example: #node231 and add this in the end off the webb address in the addressbar it will take you to the Castle in Vadstena


NOTE double-click on a place mark to see the image

The panoramas are shared in Multi resolution! image tiles that the browser and Pano2VR viewer arrange in higher and higher resolution when you zoom in

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41418 archivos en 23437 folders



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