Testing out the new insta360 X3 camera

Shooting panorama with one shot cameras have never been easier
the new insta360 X3 camera shoot 18 Megapixel .Jpg and in 72 Megapixel .Dng Raw, we made a test to see the quality of the 18 and the 72 megapixel image

The camera are in good quality and the battery life are also good an extra plus are if you have the Smart GPS remote you can shoot with the insta360 Power selfie stick that allow you to shot from the button on the handle and charge the X3 battery in the same time

The camera then pick the location from the Smart GPS remote even if the camera are activated from the insta360 Power selfie stick, but the Metadata are only transferred in the .Jpg files and not to the .Dng Raw files

This is a handicap when you use the camera for Google street view and want to use the 72 megapixel .Dng Raw images (Google street view accepts 100 Megapixel 2:1 images)

4 example shots processed in PS Camera Raw

we uploader example files right from the camera (no edit)

to this link: https://svendus.se/blog/2022-01-12-dng-raw-jpg.zip

The camera has difficulties connecting to the Phone app via Bluetooth-Wifi connection when you are in strong Wifi environments, but i think the Developers on Insta 360 are working on this problem

Note: We never met this problem with the insta ONE X model

Direct link to Video

Direct Link to Camera Manual

Link to the new GPS action remote

Info:Insta 360X3 image size

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