Sawing black oak 360 4K 50p

This is a rather long 43 minutes Video Cutting a 350 year old oak tree that was found in a moss when digging drainage the log are extremely heavy and our small tractor could not lift the log when the log was appended to 3 meters in length please read more in the descriptions below:

00:20 Cutting the log in 3 meter length

01:16 Trying to lift the 3 meter log with the front loader

02:33 Too heavy 800kg so we just roll it around

03:12 Preparing to cut on the ground with the Sunday sawmill

05:43 Ready for the first cut fastening the log with the pegs

06:24 Starting the 95 cc Chainsaw 28 tum chainsaw bar

06:40 fine adjusting the mill height not to cut in the ground

07:43 First cut done now we can lift the log and turn it over

08:10 The log are rolled over on two 2tum rules to lift it up

08:23 Cleaning the dirty logs with a high pressure water washer

10:08 Finished water cleaning

10:29 Transporting the short end to the SNIK sawmill

11:08 Loading the log on the SNIK sawmill

13:38 This is a two man job but can be done single handed

15:23 The log must be sown so the saw can pass

17:58 Cutting the short end log

21:51 Preparing to cut the heavy 3meter log

22:48 Cutting off the 3 meter log in the middle

24:03 The log are now in two logs and possible to handle

24:54 Removing the Sunday sawmill

25:35 Transporting the log with the Log Elefant

27:04 400 kg 882 pounds on two wheels

28:02 Two man job done single handed

30:33 The log now clamped and ready to cut on the sawmill

30:56 Sawing the log in normal video speed on the SNIK sawmill

43:18 Thank you for watching