Create a new 5.7K HEVC 37Mbps profile in CyberLink PowerDirector17 (64-bit)

First off all Download Notepad++ Gilet Jaune Edition

Create a new HEVC 37Mbps profile name it MPE6-4 5760 x 2880/30p (37 Mbps) 128kbps set the sound to 128kbps

open the Profile.ini file with Notepad++


the new Custom settings are the last one at the bottom, change the With and High values and save data. You are done

Stitched example file on Insta ONE X camera 765 MB 107Mbps

Rendered in H265 HEVC 271 MB 37 Mbps Rendered in H264 AVC 327 MB 45 Mbps

Watch the Screen cast below