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Insta 360 rendimiento UNO X

26 Photo spheres shot with an Insta 360 ONE X
direct from the camera (NO EDIT) Batch stitched in Insta360 Studio for ONE X (Beta) 8000×4000 32 megapíxeles
on a Visit on IKEA furniture store Älmhult 2019-01-15


Pano2VR 6 HTML5 Multi resolution

2 respuestas a Insta 360 rendimiento UNO X

  • Frédéric IKEA Älmhult are normally pretty crowded with people
    But this time it was easy to shoot undisturbed 🙂

  • Nice Svend !
    That’s funny.
    Ikea is Swedish and in France, an Ikea store is always full of people.
    And in Sweden, we can see than you can visit an Ikea store with nobody inside


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