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DJI Mavic Air panorama

Mavic Air are the latest drone in the DJI Famely
A cool feature are that it can shoot 25 images 8×3 row+1 images and stitch them in the camera to a 33 megapixel Equirectangular panorama in the camera panorama below.

Right Click the panorama to Enter Full screen

The Drone repair the sky Automatically on the 33MP in drone stitched Photo Sphere with exact GPS position in the image file.

In the camera settings you can choose to save the separate images in the PANORAMA folder on the micro SD card

the 25 images and the Pano2VR  and PTGui project files

the Drone do not shoot 1/4 of the Sky it is left empty, but the images have very good overlap so

PTGUui can easily create  the control points it will need  for a good stitch a little masking can be necessary to remove small faults

We just set the “Viewing Limits” in Pano2VR to Top 39,00° and then you do not see the black hole in the sky

Click on the image below to play a small 4K video from our first flight

the video jump to the 200 Megapixel Panorama below when finished !

stitched in PTGui 11 https://svendus.se/mavicair/1/panorama/


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