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4K Video
4K 15000 kbit/s
HTML5 360 Video

Normally the interior becomes nice and sharp on 360 shots inside a car
and the outside view become rather overexposed and blown out
but in this comfortable old Citroën Berlingo it is another story.

Note: This is high resolution video give the 4K video a little time to load!
Phone link:
Don’t forget to play with the projections !

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  1. Svendus

    We opened the 50 megapixel panorama (the image was shot several years ago) in Photoshop created a new adjusting level layer set it to very dark, then we made a selection on the windows with different tools holding the shift key, when satisfied we made a copy layer deleted the dark level adjusting layer and the background? saved the image as 24bit transparent .png the video in the windows were shot from my Mc last autumn with a Xiaomi Mi Sphere the .png were used as overlay in the video editor. the rest are the Magic in Pano2VR

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